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The Internet has radically changed the way companies find and hire employees and contractors. Employers now have unprecedented direct access to job applicants and consultants, and are demanding that their Staffing Vendors deliver value over and above the recruiting efficiencies they have themselves attained. These demands have put pressure on Staffing companies to significantly improve order fulfillment metrics, reduce prices and improve quality. MatchBoard® is designed with these same goals in mind.

MatchBoard is a patented, web-based Recruitment Process Automation and Supply Chain Management system designed specifically for Staffing Companies to:

  • Significantly improve Order Fulfillment efficiency through on-line collaboration and enterprise-wide integration
  • Reduce the per-placement cost for both permanent and consultant placements
  • Maximize business opportunities with existing customers and create opportunities for winning new ones
  • Automate your back office processes thereby increasing capacity and reducing response time
  • Integrate your Supply Chain for faster fulfillment at lower cost
  • Improve decision-making through real-time availability of better quality information

PositionsThis means that you can automate the end-to-end workflows of your salespeople, recruiters, managers and accounting. You can integrate your trading partners (customers, subcontractors, candidates, applicants, third party providers) into your system to conduct seamless, on-line, 2-way transactions with them.

You can work more efficiently with your trading partners even if they are not on the MatchBoard system.

MatchBoard does not require your sensitive data (candidate database, etc.) to be hosted on MatchBoard servers. You can host your own database - on your own server or desktop - and still communicate seamlessly with your trading partners as if you were on a private network.

You can create a small private network to work on-line with your customers, subcontractors, and candidates, or create a large (but still private) network of many subcontractors, independent consultants and job applicants, and deal with them equally efficiently with almost no additional effort.

For a more detailed discussion of MatchBoard Benefits and Features, please contact a MatchBoard Representative.


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