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Vendor Management Overview

Focus on your core competencies - let MatchBoard® handle your vendors.

Are talent shortages, rate variations, resume overload, multiple vendor phone calls and emails, timesheets, evaluations, invoices, bedeviling you? There is better way!

The MatchBoard Vendor Management program takes the responsibility of interfacing with all your vendors and takes this work off your hands, without requiring a large, up-front investment. In fact, it will bring significant efficiencies to your processes, eliminate much of the tedious work you do, create time for you to focus on your core competencies, enable better decision-making, and potentially reduce your cost of contingent worker staffing.

The MatchBoard Vendor Management program will provide a single point of contact for you, will work with all your existing vendors, bring its own nationwide network of resources to you, and provide an automated web-based system for you to more efficiently and easily conduct and monitor your procurement activities.

The Vendor Management program is an effective solution even for small and medium-sized companies (SMCs).


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