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Vendors Features

Here are some of the things you can do with MatchBoard®. To discuss the complete list of features, or see how these features work, request an on-site demo of MatchBoard, or talk to a MatchBoard Representative.

  • CRM
  • Exchange position descriptions, resumes, interviews, etc. on-line with customers
  • Service non-MatchBoard customers better using specialized interfaces
  • Get real time feedback on submitted candidates throughout the hiring cycle
  • On-line timesheet submission and approval
  • On-line invoice consolidation, submission and approval
  • System generated Skill Profile graphs on each candidate for your customers
  • Your customers can directly search your available candidates for their open positionsAutomatic alerts of new business opportunities - new positions, interviews, shortlisting, etc.
  • Post your bench candidates to the Marketplace for customers to conveniently hire
  • Automatically create formatted Hotlists
  • Customer profiles for smarter selling

MatchBoard "Position" Screenshot

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Process Automation

  • Automated handling of customers, positions, subcontractors, candidates, interviews, projects and time sheets
  • Rapidly screen high volumes of resumes to pinpoint ones worthy of submission
  • At-a-glance views of all major work areas (positions, projects, shortlists, interviews, etc.)
  • Visual prioritization tools, task assignments, etc. for streamlined workflows
  • A powerful, comprehensive and versatile Candidate Database with tools to keep candidates current
  • Powerful searches on the basis of Skills, amount of experience in each skill, availability, etc. - not just keywords
  • Handle resumes in familiar MS-Word or html formats
  • Create, track, close Work Orders for permanent placements or consultants on billing
  • Automatically absorb applicant resumes into your candidate database without data entry.
  • Manage customer or internal candidate evaluations (telephone screens, written tests, interviews, background checks)
  • Fully automated Time Sheets processing including creation, submission, approvals, reporting, etc.
  • Get automatic alerts of impending events or variances from norms
  • Continuous real time status updates as an opportunity evolves
  • System alerts, extensive Notes, To Do's and Tasks


  • Automated, on-line exchange of jobs, candidates, status updates, time sheets, invoices, etc. with your suppliers
  • Automatically search your MatchBoard subcontractors' databases for available candidates
  • Integrate outside sources into MatchBoard with ease - e.g. Internet job boards, your web site, supplier databases
  • Classify subcontractors in finely controlled tiers, groups and subgroups
  • Subcontractors can submit qualified candidates directly into your MatchBoard system, whether or not they are on MatchBoard
  • Publish relevant information to large groups of subcontractors
  • Receive candidate resumes directly into MatchBoard


  • Comprehensive reporting on performance - consultant, recruiter, salesperson, business unit, or your entire business
  • Client History Profiles - Demand Trends, Pricing Patterns, Responsiveness, etc.
  • Graphical representations of Open Position progress, candidates experience profile, performance reports, etc.
  • Reports available from detailed lists to complex analytical reports
  • Management reporting consolidated to any level in your organizational hierarchy


  • Fine-grained access control enables you to display controlled, pertinent information to each user
  • Customized, multi-level approvals for key business functions
  • Audit Trail, event logging and system notes
  • Access control provided by module, function and at field level
  • Host your own MatchBoard database - on your server, inside your firewall


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