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Vendors Benefits

By combining Process Automation and SCM/CRM functions into one integrated system, MatchBoard® brings you benefits that no other system can match:

Process Automation

  • Integrate the operations of your worldwide branches into one unified system
  • Get unprecedented productivity gains by automating both internal workflows and external SCM/CRM functions in one integrated system
  • Manage jobs, resumes, interviews, engagements, timesheets and bench candidates on-line
  • Increase capacity without increasing staff - to handle high volumes of resumes, jobs, etc.
  • Improve decision-making throughout your organization by providing relevant information available in real-time
  • Win more business thru automated response and fulfillment
  • Improve sales and recruiting effectiveness, with improved service levels
  • Improve submission speed and quality by smarter candidate-matching
  • Manage consultants on projects - timesheets, invoices, evaluations, etc.
  • Reduce omissions and errors even as you handle more jobs per person
  • Advanced analytical reporting on quality, performance and profitability - on staff, branches, customers, subcontractors and consultants
  • More...


  • Integrate your business with that of your customers to reduce response time, improve response quality and increase business opportunities
  • Integrate your business with that of your subcontractors to improve fulfillment response time and improve quality
  • Provide graphical, information-rich, on-line responses to customers
  • Get on-line feedback, alerts from customers for new positions, candidate decisions, interviews, etc.
  • Receive, verify and consolidate subcontractor invoices on-line
  • Reduce fulfillment costs through more direct procurement, wider reach and more efficient competition
  • Provide continuous, on-line feedback to your suppliers or candidates
  • Access a private Marketplace to buy/sell consulting services and win new customers
  • Work more efficiently even with non-MatchBoard customers and suppliers
  • More...


  • Advanced analytics on all aspects recruiting, procurement and consultant management
  • Detailed performance reporting on internal functional areas (e.g. Sales and Recruiter Performance)
  • Supplier performance evaluation on responsiveness, quality, pricing, reliability, etc.
  • Business Unit performance reporting (e.g. branch performance)
  • Individualized goal progress and overall status reports
  • Customer Profiles on skills demand, purchasing patterns, pricing, responsiveness, etc.
  • More...

Because MatchBoard is designed to work with Staffing Industry professionals, it works the way you do. Relevant information and actions are usually only one click away, anywhere in the system. MatchBoard can also be customized to further adapt it to the way your organization is used to working, e.g. organization structure, groups and tiers, logos, lists, etc


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