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Comprehensive services are available to support your installation, deployment and on-going use of MatchBoard®.

Installation and Configuration

We can install and configure your system to work optimally with your business processes. Configuration work includes setting up users, branch offices and departments, user roles, permissions, vendors/clients and vendor/client groups, customized lists, locations, etc.

Data Conversion and External Interfaces

Data Conversion services are available for converting legacy data (candidate databases, etc.) to MatchBoard. Data conversion is usually carried out at our offshore facilities for rapid turnaround at lower cost.

Interfaces to other systems can also be developed to exchange data between them. Customized MatchBoard routines can be developed that will allow MatchBoard to search external databases (e.g. your old candidate database), or read your HRIS, Procurement, ERP or Accounting databases for pertinent information.

User Training

Using MatchBoard Effectively - 2-day course includes how to use each module of MatchBoard. Covers all functionality of MatchBoard, and how to make maximum use of its features to automate your job functions. Intended for all users of MatchBoard - recruiters, hiring managers, technical evaluators, administrators and management.

Vendor Training - Half day course on how to use the vendor features of MatchBoard to smoothly interact with clients.

MatchBoard Administration - Half day course intended for MatchBoard Administrators on how to set up MatchBoard in your business environment. Set up and administer changes to users, branches and departments, reports, system wide restrictions, lists, locations, statuses, etc. Covers housekeeping functions like database backups, etc.

Recruitment Outsourcing

You can outsource front line recruiting functions (e.g. Internet searches, resume shortlisting, preliminary screening of candidates, etc.) for a flat annual fee that may be less than your Internet Job Board subscriptions! You get live technical recruiters, professionally screened resumes ) from various sources, submitted into your MatchBoard system. You go through only a handful of the best-qualified resumes and focus on those candidates to hire them. We can work with your approved vendors, set up new ones, manage your advertising, or search the Internet for qualified candidates.

You can choose from various service levels - from low-cost searching and screening resumes, to full-fledged Vendor Management.

With MatchBoard, outsourcing provides such quality and value that it will work like a professional recruiting extension of your own organization.


MatchBoard can be customized to include additional features that you may want in your system. Please contact a MatchBoard Representative for additional details.


Your MatchBoard database can be hosted (ASP) at our site to provide the security and bandwidth you require to support your user group. Bandwidth and server power are available at various levels to accommodate the smallest to the largest organization.

Technical Support

On-going technical support is available:

Bronze: Email support only. Responses generally within 24 hours.

Silver: Email support with response guaranteed in 24 hours. Telephone support available via toll free number (per minute charges apply).

Gold: Email support with response guaranteed in 24 hours. Purchase blocks of technicians' time on telephone 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET. Toll free number.

Please contact MatchBoard Sales for additional information.


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