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How Matchboard Works

The MatchBoard® system is designed to easily communicate with any other MatchBoard user and carry out business transactions between themselves.

Unlike traditional Internet B2B Exchanges, the MatchBoard network need not be set up at the beginning, nor is each member wedded to any one MatchBoard network. Each member essentially has a highly flexible personal network to which trading partners can be added to or removed at will, without affecting the rest of the network.

The Dynamic Network

Whenever one MatchBoard user comes across another user with whom he wishes to conduct business, the two can simply exchange identification information, and immediately become part of each other's personal networks. For example, an employer who signs up a new vendor can simply add that vendor to his Matchboard network of vendors and immediately begin doing business with him on-line. Similarly that vendor would add the employer to his MatchBoard network of clients and be able to service him on-line.

If the trading partner is not an existing MatchBoard user, he can be issued a free Partner version of MatchBoard to enable him to immediately join the on-line MatchBoard network.

Your MatchBoard network will therefore consist of a group of your trading partners who can conduct business with you over the Internet. Each user (or network node) will host their own MatchBoard database and associated software and will seamlessly interact with another node in the network when it needs to fetch or send data. Communication between nodes happens securely (i.e. each request is authenticated to ensure that the requestor is a permitted agent) and in the background, so the user gets the feeling that all the data is local to a private network of permitted MatchBoard users, like a customer and his approved vendors.

Integrated Functionality

This architecture allows the integration of Process Automation functions for Human Capital Management/Recruitment (commonly a 'local' operation) with Supply Chain Management and CRM functions, typically requiring external data exchanges. Rolling these broad functional areas into one seamless system creates the potential for very significant gains in efficiency and real-time information availability - gains that cannot be matched by simple Recruitment Automation/HCMA packages or B2B Exchanges.

What does this mean to you?

  • You can install MatchBoard on your own server and keep sensitive data inside your firewall.
  • You can now truly automate your end-to-end recruiting workflow - internal workflows as well as external transactions - for tremendous productivity gains and cost reductions.
  • You can add trading partners to your MatchBoard network as you go along - you don't have to set up the whole network to begin seeing productivity gains.
  • Your trading partners don't have to be existing MatchBoard users, nor do they have anything to buy. You can give them (free) copies of MatchBoard to permit them to join your MatchBoard group and work with you on-line.
  • Your MatchBoard network is highly robust and scalable, and is not critically dependent on a single external server.
  • Process Automation features in the system (e.g. resume screening engines, publishing routines) can now be leveraged across the entire trading network, not just across internal processes. For example, you can efficiently handle large volumes of jobs, resumes, vendors, timesheets, etc.
  • On-line connectivity with your trading partners brings valuable status information, alerts and opportunities to you in real time, to vastly improve decision making.
  • Your system will work fast. By keeping the system on your LAN, you get LAN speed response (typically 10 mbps or 100 mbps), and you are less subject to Internet traffic jams and server overloads caused by your ISP's other customers.
  • You can customize MatchBoard to your own way of doing business - using your own business terminology, with fine-grained access control, customized pages, etc. - instead of having to import a new methodology.

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