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For growing companies, recruitment is a strategic activity. Whether you are a small startup or a global Fortune 100 company, your rate of growth in revenues, earnings and market share may depend critically on your ability to meet hiring goals for quality, time and cost. Improvements in quality, efficiency and cost of work force procurement and management will therefore yield high returns on investment.

MatchBoard® is designed to achieve these goals enterprise wide.

MatchBoard integrates both Recruitment Process Automation (Applicant Tracking) and Vendor Management (VMS) to bring unprecedented efficiencies to end-to-end recruiting workflows for your Permanent and Contingent work force. It will:

  • Raise recruitment efficiency through enterprise-wide automation
  • Provide integrated, on-line collaboration with your vendors
  • Reduce both Per-Hire Cost and Time-to-Hire
  • Improve decision-making through real-time availability of factual information
  • Increase recruiting capacity without adding staff - through tight integration, process automation and collaboration
  • Reduce external hiring through better utilization of internal resources

The MatchBoard solution is available as:

  • An end-to-end Vendor Management service (for contingent worker vendor and personnel agency management) based on the MatchBoard software
  • A software license purchase

MatchBoard is designed to handle high transaction volumes with speed and accuracy. Large enterprises can automate their worldwide recruiting while bringing standardization and objectivity to the process. Even if you are a small or medium sized company, with only a few hires per year, MatchBoard is a cost-effective solution that will bring 'big company' benefits to you.

The patented MatchBoard system is designed and developed by Infinix Corporation, a company with more than 17 years experience in the recruitment industry. Infinix has incorporated ISO 9001:2000 certified best practices and process efficiencies developed over these 17 years of recruiting for Fortune 1000 companies.


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