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Employer Features

Here is a partial list of MatchBoard® features. To discuss the complete list of features, or request a demo of MatchBoard, please contact a MatchBoard Representative.

Applicant Tracking

  • On-line position requisitions, publishing, tracking and reporting
  • Contractor engagement tracking, utilization and evaluation
  • Advanced resume handling, experience-based screening, dynamic shortlisting, advanced
    search engines, search agents
  • At-a-glance views of all major work areas (positions, projects, shortlists, interviews, etc.)
  • Real-time information updates to concerned players
  • Graphical Skill Profiles of candidates
  • Visual prioritization tools, task assignments, etc. for streamlined workflows
  • On-line evaluations including tests, interviews, background checks
  • Policy rate lookups, on-line rate negotiations, enforcement
  • Work Order creation, monitoring and reporting
  • Pre-hire, mid-project and exit evaluations
  • Personalized home pages for each user
  • Advanced Notes, Task assignments and Alerts
  • Multi-tier 'Approved Vendor' lists
  • More...


MatchBoard "Shortlisted Candidates"

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Vendor Management

  • Single, unified system integrating operations of your trading partners with your own
  • On-line position announcements, candidate submissions, feedback, evaluations, etc.
  • On-line timesheet processing and approvals
  • Consolidated invoicing from vendors
  • Private labeling for your web site and external communications
  • Pro-active candidate searches on vendor candidates, job boards, Marketplace, even before you publish the position
  • System access for on-line interaction even with your non-MatchBoard trading partners
  • MatchBoard Marketplace for finding pre-qualified suppliers and candidates
  • On-line feedback to suppliers
  • Integrated external data sources like job boards, vendors' candidate databases, applicants
  • More...


MatchBoard "Search"

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  • Advanced analytics on all aspects recruiting, procurement and contingent workforce management.
  • Vendor performance evaluation on responsiveness, quality, pricing, reliability, etc.
  • Detailed performance reporting on internal functional areas
  • Business Unit activity reporting (e.g. departmental statistics)
  • Statistical trend analysis and reporting
  • Individualized goal progress and overall status reports
  • More


  • Customizable, multi-level Approvals for key functions
  • Fine-grained access control for secure integration of multiple divisions or locations
  • Host your own database, inside your firewalls, for full data security

    For a complete list of Benefits and Features as they might apply to your specific situation, please contact a MatchBoard Representative.


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