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Employer Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits you can realize using MatchBoard®:

  • Take control of the Recruitment and HCM processes
  • Reduce hard dollar costs of permanent employee and contingent worker procurement
  • Greatly reduce manual effort involved
  • Significantly increase recruiting capacity without adding staff
  • Improve decision-making through real-time availability of critical information
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Improve quality of hires through improved screening, capacity increase and automation
  • Integrate operations enterprise-wide
  • Standardize procurement, rates, procedures and metrics across the organization
  • Respond faster to Hiring Managers, applicants and management
  • Utilize internal resources better and reduce external hiring
  • Manage performance evaluations enterprise-wide
  • Greatly reduce effort in processing timesheets, invoices, contracts, resumes, emails and paper
  • Continuously measure multiple aspects of recruitment and procurement to develop real process improvement

Whether you sign up for the Vendor Management program or utilize the MatchBoard software yourself, you will see a measurable difference in your HCM.

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We recognize that every organization is different. Please contact us to see how these benefits could apply to yours.


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