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MatchBoard® provides an easier and more efficient means for Job Seekers and Independent Consultants to find and apply for permanent and consulting positions. Here's what you can do with MatchBoard:

  • Apply directly to published openings with MatchBoard employers and consulting companies, using the familiar MatchBoard application form
  • Use fully formatted MS-Word resumes that you are familiar with or create on-line html resumes
  • Create a graphical Skill Profile of your experience that you can append to your resume
  • Save your resume and Skill Profile on-line or off-line so you can apply to other places without re-entering all your information
  • Search Internet job boards for openings much more efficiently, using MatchBoard PowerJobs
  • Get statistical information on demand for your skills, etc.

You can create your MatchBoard Skill Profile at any time and save it for later submission to employers. Or, you can save a profile you create when you apply to any MatchBoard employer on their web site or via a job board. You can retrieve your saved profile (using a provided ID and password) into the MatchBoard application form for any other position that you may apply to in the future.

You can also send your Profile and MS-Word resume to any employer directly from MatchBoard via email. You can also paste your Skill Profile graph into your resume document so you can use it without having to log in to Matchboard.

These services are Free of charge, except for bulk applications via PowerJobs which carries a small charge per use.

  • Create and save an on-line resume in the MatchBoard format (which MatchBoard employers can directly evaluate)
  • Post your resume to the MatchBoard Marketplace (TM), or search it for new opportunities
  • Create, submit and manage your timesheets on-line

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